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this is what i do, trial&error music done with buzz >>>
(take it, or leave it. or take it and comment it. it's up to you.)

n_05>>  vva pop song. not a pop song. fm and crackle.
rdse>>  vvschepperenten. live recording beats sequencer all the time.
tdrst>>  vvself sampling. ten minutes of digital rock music.
jayus>>  vv bored jesuschild plays with keys. papa bass watches from afar.
rdse_early>>  vvschepperenten. different session.
b.kondub>>  vvrock music turned echo. balkonmonster.>>>.
ode>>  vvyou want the noise. have it. did i say stupid?
or_7>>  vvfu-advice: don't take the word 'click' literally.
dev_cyc>>  vvdevelopment cycle means electropop with alphas.
sns>>  vvresonance. the sweetest on earth.
alia>>  vvanother from the alpha department. rawness > music.
th12>>  vvancient. dark flutes and a drum shot sample.

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