uMw: usr MIDIwrapper  


The midiwrapper takes a machine and wraps it in a new Buzzmachine that has some added features such as easy to use consistent MIDI input and subtick note delay with dynamic quantization. This means that the resulting machine has some new parameters, they are named with brackets like this to avoid confusion: [YetAnotherUselessParameter]

New Parameters:

 - [MIDI-Channel]: In uMw the midi channel is a parameter so that you can have different generators listen to your keyboard in different song parts. Counting starts at 1, so "don't listen" is 0.

 - [Transpose]: I added a transpose parameter. I need this because i never create more than one melody pattern per generator ;-P. This way i can have a second track in track view juggle some transpose only patterns. :) (I'm afraid this only works correct when transpose is done in the most left row of this machine in sequence view)

 - [Attractors]: If you use quantization, this specifies the number of quantization points in a tick. This number represents the number of intervals that a tick is divided into.

 - [Attraction]: Amount of attraction towards the quantization points. "0" means linear distribution of the note delay values (no atrraction), "FE" means absolute quantization. Values in between: Imagine a magnetic force dragging the note events towards the nearest quantization point. The number specifies its strength.

 - [Bias]: Attraction direction, lower values cause more attraction towards the previous attractor, higher values cause more attraction towards next attractor. When playing live, MIDI input will be only be quantized when [Bias] is on maximum.

 - [Note-Delay]: Delays note by n/256 ticks, modified by drag towards the quantisation points.

 - [Note-Cut]: Sends note off after n/256 ticks, modified by drag towards the quantisation points. You can also use a regular "off" in the note column combined with [Note-Delay]. Note cut is mainly used to allow higher note density for tracks when recording subtick-length notes by MIDI.

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