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usr Midi wrapper. I write this to make all your buzz machines >>> listen to midi.
(working perfectly for me. maybe for you too? test it, or at least read about it >> )
040831>>ready for btdsys pulsar, nicer preset sync.
040112>>better uMwMachines.ini.
040112>>9x skin support removed. one bug in the actual playing code fixed.
040104>>skin support for anachronistic OS.
031231>>.ini more careful. stereo support with new xndex.
031224>>an xmas thingie with pybuzz handled.
091203>>current beta. One bug less in the preset sync.
190903>>older beta. Just some unreadable error messges fixed.
310703>>older beta. Better uMwMachines.ini to avoid some problems.
170703>>older beta. stereo indexing.
130403>>older beta.

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